Ilaria Simeoni (b. 1995) is an Italian artist who lives and works between Venice and Trevignano. She holds an MA in Fine Art (Painting and Visual Arts) from the Venice Academy. Simeoni has participated in a series of group exhibitions of painting and engraving, and in 2020 she participated in the 103rd group exhibition of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation at the gallery of St. Mark's Square, where she was awarded the first prize with the work Al Mutare Delle Ombre.


Her artistic practice is linked to a personal vision of nature and the approach of Plein Air, which since the beginning has allowed her to synthesize the various concepts of uncontaminated landscape. This study of landscape nature is not to be considered only a silent representation of reality but is, first of all, a manifestation of the relationship between the aspects of the soul, the natural and its interpretation. 

Inspired by Baudelaire's statement that it is necessary to know the elements of nature and the soul, Ilaria creates landscapes depicting visual-imaginative aspects linked to the sensitive data. Today she turns her attention to confined natural spaces and cultural tradition linked to them: "This total vision of uncontaminated nature over the years has approached an interest in cultivated environments and a mink of nature closer to everyday life. Thus the interest in gardens was born. The nature of the garden as a philosophy of thought and vision of refuge as an ideal and intimate place". 

A close relationship that binds the soul of the garden to the world and to the living beings that inhabit it, triggering memories and feelings of the soul: "In the shadow of the flower bed of Lily, appears at first a modern flower bed of a house, located in a small country village. The uniqueness generated by these few elements has a continuous and infinite vision of plant life where this immensity is like the universe that has neither width nor depth because it contains the totality of the cosmos. The garden becomes the narrator of a dialogue with Man and the world, where everything that happens in the green space is full of metaphors of our psychic life". 


Text by Laura Pieri


All'Ombra Dell'Aiuola dei Fiori di Giglio, 2021