Pietro Vitali was born in Lecco in 1994. After attending the artistic high school Medardo Rosso in Lecco, he obtains in 2019 the three-year degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Giacomo Carrara in Bergamo. Growing up in a family engaged in construction activities, he has always been in contact with the earth, excavation and cement. The development of a fascination for these elements leads him to build an imaginary related to them, investigating their possible forms and observing the dynamics between them. 


Pietro Vitali’s work speaks of the ways in which the fusion of the human factor and the natural process, result in unforeseen formations. He draws inspiration from architectural structures, archaeology, geology and so on, in order to initiate reactions between elements such as cement, iron oxide, gypsum, ash, snow and water. Hollow spaces become moulds and solid complementary of partially twin structures are produced, as Vitali pours molten materials in cavernous natural openings, making them exist in a separate and autonomous dimension. The research thus focuses on the space immediately adjacent to the source structures. Source structures; the latter are forms generated by phenomena of erosion and physical decay of materials, that for their organic nature mutate, continuously redetermining their conformations. The aesthetic expression is the result of a continuous contamination between a sculptural practice of excavation and exhumation and the same processes of decay of materials; the final result often has an uncontrollable aspect, derived from a conscious and a spontaneous action. Through the direct taking of the positives with cement castings, the negatives of these forms are thus obtained and at the at the same time an imprint of the metamorphosis is taking place on the material.