Colțeanu Matei Vladimir chooses to integrate in his works elements that come from stories of classical structure or daily encounters. Through narration he initiates a process of self-awareness translated into suggestive images. He avoids overcomplicating the artistic language and he is opposed to the inflation of concepts, the artist stands for a more direct, meaningful interaction between the creator, the spectator and the work itself. This simplicity of course doesn’t exclude profound meaning or desires within the artwork, but it is an attempt to demonstrate how the contemporary art scene can benefit from straightforwardness. Animal-like, grotesque figures attacking and devouring one another, aim to deconstruct systems of oppression of our society, condemning toxic masculinity, violence, corruption and abuse of power.

Atomic Laika at Kármán line 2020

  • Colțeanu Matei Vladimir Atomic, Laika at Kármán line, 2020, colored pencils on paper, 50 x 35 cm