Ilaria Fasoli was born in Mirano in 1992. In 2011 she enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia's Painting course in the Atelier of Prof. Carlo Di Raco, becoming acquainted with young emerging artists such as Nebojsa Despotovic and Thomas Braida. After the immersive painting experience, Fasoli enrolled at the IUAV University of Venice to experiment with different mediums and languages of art alongside professors such as Alberto Garutti, Angela Vettese, Renè Gabri and Antoni Muntadas.


Painting remains Ilaria's primary medium, although she's simultaneously interested in others. The artist defines painting as an introspective language that allows her to depict emotional images that suggest and allude to the intimate female world.

Her paintings are seductive, and the primary rule of seduction is to never reveal anything fully to the audience; the artworks capture the details but at the same time do not display everything. The main protagonists of the canvases are bodies draped in silk and shiny satin, and we can't be sure who those bodies belong to. Through her works, Ilaria explores the concepts of seduction, romantic love and stereotypical sensuality.


The painting entitled Bordeaux is an immersion in classical painting manifested throughout the body of works. It touches on the aesthetics of Classical and Baroque art, residing between the contemporary, the reality, the myth, the clarity and the allusion - it is a pictorial reflection on the romantic nature of humans who, through the countless legends that spoke of lovers and heroes, sailing the seas of passion, driven by waves of desire, project romantic fairy tales onto their love experiences. 

In modern Western culture, romantic love is considered the only way to live a romantic relationship and the artist, through an effortless gesture, asks us to put at the centre of the discussion a cliché, a collective stereotype like that of the romantic imagination to recalculate everyone's expectations. It asks us the question about the senses, the motives and the meaning of the images themselves that constitute seduction, desire and love descending into the depths of such stories to give us a version too bright to be true.


The artist has exhibited in Italy on different occasions, such as the Parma Film Festival (2019), the combat Prize (2017), ARTES Di ArtVerona (2015) and the collective Young Artists of the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in 2017 and 2018.

She currently lives and works in Venice.


Text by Milena Zanetti

Bordeaux, 2021