Martina Biolo (b. 1996) is an Italian artist currently based in Padua; she has completed her MA in Fine Art at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. Biolo has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Venice, a city that undoubtedly influences her works. 


The artist's research investigated everyday objects intending to extrapolate, through the artworks, the stories that reside within them, focusing on symbolic, cultural, and tradition-related aspects. As Biolo describes it - My artistic practice revolves around the communicative needs of the artworks themselves, oscillating between sculpture and painting. 

The goal is to make the materials that she uses speak, to give them a voice that the viewer can hear and comprehend, but also to bring to life the speech itself - as between all of us and everything that surrounds us exists a cultural link, which is manifested through sharing stories, experiences and symbols. The object, therefore, becomes a witness of said link, and from that springs the possibility of building a place of confrontation that acts as a liberation tool for ethnography - the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures. 

The artwork is here to describe people, their experiences - it is a certain cultural manifestation revealed through its materiality. 

Botte da Orbi is a diptych made with acrylic paint on latex; latex itself is an incredibly tactile material that inevitably reminds us of skin. Even though its layers are pierced, they don't seem to trigger any violent or traumatic associations inside me; instead, it makes me think of delicacy, tenderness, care. 

Clusters of mahogany and ruby reds, alongside the darker, cooler shades of Sacramento green and eggplant purple, are perceived as imprints of the passing soul, or perhaps it's the imprint that we have on other people's lives. The diptych is certainly telling a story, and I’d like to hear it. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova




Botte da Orbi (diptych), 2021

  • Martina Biolo, Botte da Orbi (diptych), 2021, Acrylic paint on latex, 64 x 43 cm each


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