inculte-rejeton (b. 1986) is a French multidisciplinary artist holding a BA in Fine Art who lives and works in Milan. His artistic practice starts from the observation of what is tangible by acquiring data that he then combines and transforms, creating other possible realities synthesized through the use of different mediums. Behind inculte-rejon's research lies the questioning of what we perceive and consider indisputably true, questioning everything: "what is behind what we see?".  Through his art, he invites us to reflect on a philosophy of science that leads to a renewed consideration of matter and spirit, time and space.


The artist's vision is mainly focused on taking the scientific and the philosophical concerning the reality - corroborating the idea that our world is reduced to the mere representation of what we perceive, based on the doctrines and physical characteristics of quantum mechanics - such as those theorized by Jean-Émile Charon and Bernard d'Espagnat - and building bridges with various concepts related to those principles. He then deals with abstruse, turning to art, as it acts as a metaphysical thought that allows him to bypass conventional understanding: gravity no longer exists, objects become animated, and bodies are deformed. This exercise of thought leads inculte-rejon to realize real visual allegories, sometimes sarcastic, often close to the fantasy film with the primary purpose of provoking and dispelling our previous convictions. An example of the reflections he poses and addresses the viewer is found in the ballpoint pen drawing entitled Drifting Fantasies. The artist says: "This work inspires the happiness of completed research. But is it a man linked to his audacity or the desire to embark? What is the other's perspective? Where is he going after achieving his goal? Is this result at least real or a fantasy or the trick of a mirage?". The point of view that led to the realization of the Inner Horizon is fascinating: "From the stoic point of view, the world is made up of a mutual interweaving of all its elements. The lungs breathe oxygen atoms while the wind blows through the lungs. So, everything is in everything, crossed by one breath - pneuma. In that case, a fish lives as much in its vessel as the latter lodges its contents in the animal. Is our identity in perpetual motion? Does it make sense to define a personality when a universal dynamic drives it?"


Text by Laura Pieri

Drifting Fantasies, 2020