Giorgio Cellini, with Florentine origins, was born in Turin, lives in Milan; he will soon move to a seaside location. My research stems from the desire to investigate the identity of being an artist and the status of the work of art. Divine is a subjective, personal and autobiographical investigation that at the same time aims to connect with the questions shared by my generation and by today's society. For me, artistic creation is a practice of knowledge that is not subordinated to creating a form. The research I have undertaken is a daily, intellectual and manual practice, based on empirical experimentation, without thesis and antithesis. Chance and irony concur, aimed at making every day interesting as a place of personal and collective discovery.

Emerging artists' performance starts from a series of research and actions carried out by me in recent years, within the major Italian art fairs to investigate the amateur and professionalism in the art system of art. Emerging artists movements for REA Fair was born as a meta-reflection on the status of an emerging artist, on the dynamics and performativity necessary to become a successful artist. 

The performance consists of an extraordinary and extemporaneous crossing of the fair spaces, a drift aimed at developing and proposing new narratives. The performance also aims to involve the artists participating in the fair to compare and exchange their artistic research.


Text by Pelin Zeytinci

Emerging artists movements, 2021

  • Cellini Giorgio, Emerging artists movements, 2021, Performance