He was born on 8 October 1997 in Ancona. He works and lives between Urbino and Filottrano. Graduated in 2017 from the Edgardo Mannucci Art High School in Jesi, the interest was mainly directed towards music, improvisation, drawing, and wall painting, and consequently, an interest in painting on canvas also arrived. He attended the three-year course of decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, while now he is attending editions and illustrations for graphic art for the master's degree in the same academy. 

In 2019 the Hardchitepture installation writing project was born, composed by Lorenzo Conforti and Vittorio Zeppillo, guys from the Marche underground. In 2020 his first publication, "Coding of a wild style: Insights in the sign and the tache", is released, a collection of drawings on paper.

The proposed images appear to be an iconographic mix; through an aesthetic of the VS, The artist offers suggestive battles between iconographies (both from the football and musical world) through the eye of the video game, thus highlighting an ironic tragedy. At first glance, the image may be poster-like, flat, but as it approaches, it reveals itself in its not well-defined acid stratification that occupies foggy, hazy spaces. Andrea involves us in a discontinuous vision, in a continuous rethinking of matter, transporting us to impromptu architectures dictated mainly through improvisation, the painting. As soon as it is completed, it becomes the trigger for the next one. This attention to his creative process, which is shown and revealed in all its phases, derives from a strong influence of the patchanka culture, where results and stimuli are continually renewed and rethought. Andrea is a first-person witness of collective activities, everyday experiences where the creative act is made up and shared by several people. In this regard, it is essential to underline his participation in the Hardchitepture installation writing project, founded in recent years with Lorenzo Conforti and Vittorio Zeppillo. The collective of Marche artists is engaged in translation of the basic principles of graffiti in environmental installations, sculptures (usually in situ) of an underground character composed of discarded objects, rubbish, ready to change through colour combinations and interventions. - Alberto Rota

Kronos_Magica Europa?, 2021