Lucia Salzgeber (b. 1988) is a French artist who lives and works in Montours. She holds an MA in Fine Art from the National School of Art of Brittany. Salzgeber produces words, lines and spatial settings. From 2012 to 2014, she led the Morpho cultural project in Nantes, a laboratory of techniques and humanities, and until 2016, she was also associated with the supervision of research and creative laboratory at the National Higher School of Art in Brittany. In 2017 Lucia led the creation and construction of a new cultural place in Montours, Ille-et-Vilaine, in France, where she built her studio.


Taking a direct cue from life and its mechanisms, intimate and collective experiences she had from a young age, she tried to portray a glimpse of the furious, wounded, ambiguous and primordial intensity of herself and the other. Constantly aware that the ability to transcend oneself is one of the qualities and the best capacity of the human: being fragmented enhances life during the long moments of creation in intense loneliness and gives life to installations that mix up the body, pictorial languages and performative drawing, filling dozens of notebooks that I always carry with me. Writing is a way to "heal" the mind. I am standing in a black apron and hands greased with black ink, measuring white paper. I silently beat the rhythm of a single piece of classical music that envelops me for hours. Equipped with my thick scratches, I rest my body on the ground and on the white surface, which moves with me at this moment". 

The artist, in her practice, investigates objects, forms and time by digging white with black, releasing black and delivering white - writing a timeless temporality. Like a perpetual beginning, with an intangible fever, her work is a path between painting, writing and installations, a triad that gives all the thickness to her work.


Text by Laura Pieri

Froide, 2021

  • Lucia Salzgeber, Froide, 2021, Engraving Ink on wood paper, 80 x 120 cm