Basil Ikum (1998, Switzerland) lives and works in Basel / Bern. He is currently developing his practice and studying Fine Arts at Institut Kunst, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, Basel. Basil Ikum has participated in group exhibitions at; the Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel Basel (May 2021) and Alte Schreinerei Bern (December 2020). In his work, Basil Ikum explores the relation of art and consumerism and the ordinariness of branding that surrounds him in every-day life. 


Ikum Basil paints in a fast-paced, spontaneous manner, using a combination of different materials such as acrylic paint, spray paint and oil-pastels. Through typography and decontextualisation of visual advertising the artist tampers with widely recognisable logos and forms in a humorous way, twisting words. Tension is generated between the elements on the pictorial surface as Ikum intuitively adds strokes of colour and unrefined, playful outlines to the compositions in order to suggest the presence of an item for instance. Basil Ikum also often directly paints onto found objects whether those are abandoned paintings, carpets or wooden pallets, contaminating and transfiguring them; a process which allows for the artist to reflect upon their own impulsive activity, creative decisions and aesthetic purpose. 


A game between opaque, semi-transparent and transparent layers tests the viewer's gaze and calls for them to question their own perception of the fragmented icons, symbols and marks. Ikum’s installative interventions bring the domestic yet also the suburban and the outdoors into the exhibition space, meddling with contemporary society’s preconceived notions of artworks as opposed to commodities, he repurposes and depicts mundane objects in unconventional manners in order to build an environment of genuine contemplation — a disruption of compulsive consumerist behaviour.

IKUM, 2021

  • Ikum Basil, 'IKUM 2021', 2021, spraypaint, acrylic and marker on shower curtain, 180 x 200 cm