Caterina Casellato (b. 1995) is an Italian currently based in Venice. She was involved in various shows, including the exhibition of finalists of the Nocivelli Prize in Brescia, the collective exhibition entitled Extra Ordinario in Venezia Marghera and a solo exhibition Visual Mutations in Conegliano in 2020. In 2021 she completed an MA in Fine Art (Painting and Performing Arts) at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and was the finalist of the Exibart Prize. 


For Casellato, everyday objects become the protagonists and carriers of mystery. The elements within her paintings are dynamic; they bond and attempt to find their new identity within the reality they reside in. 

They are diverse, tarnished, suspended on the surface of the canvas, waiting for something to happen. There’s a gradual alternation of normality, which becomes increasingly more present, insistent and dominant the longer I spend looking at the Il Prodogio; the feeling I can’t seem to shake off is restlessness, hidden behind the veil of the familiar. 

Once the veil is eliminated, I am forced to look at what’s in front of me from a different angle - the painting is a manifestation of ardour, and as we all know, ardour is something that sparks out of the blue, and when we least expect it, it passes, fades, vanishes. The painting, however, is so intense that it’s open to endless interpretations and definitions, the shapes that populate its surface are able to continuously convey new ideas and fit into multiple dimensions. 

All of its elements are interconnected and belong to the everyday, and therefore to us - they are different in their nature and recall contrasting images under different gazes, but they are nonetheless linked, connected by their pictorial qualities, and the meanings that we attach to them. This sincere and inclusive interpretation and representation of the forms thus possesses the capacity to detach itself from whatever certainties, uncertainties and expectations Caterina gives us, allowing the viewer to create their own narrative within her artwork, encouraged by the flexibility of forms that inhabit the canvas. 

We discard what is familiar. We are free. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova


Il Prodigio, 2021