Sara Pacucci (Treviso 1999) graduated in 2018 in plastic disciplines - sculptural and graphic pictorial, current-mind studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in Luca Reffo's Atelier 12. Collisions and encounters.

Looking out into the world, I would like to get lost in the infinite delicacy of visual systems that sometimes recognize- without knowing, an intimate and subtle sensitive interaction between multiple worlds that manifest themselves in whispers. Looking for contact points, sometimes, by magic, we see and immerse ourselves in an invisible network.

My research aims to investigate the real, starting from the idea of ​​the Points of Con-Tact; give it the theory created between several bodies, public participation, an attempt to break I-world dualism. All things seem to reconnect with each other, silent dialogues, they "touch", almost in secret. 

An infinite grid is being drawn, a map, where the elements come alive with each other. In my work, I always look for a delicate story; I want images to establish themselves in the beholder's mind, making others emerge, a reminder of our experience, memories, the clear indefiniteness of dreams. Blurred boundaries to seek a grand vision of the whole: everything is reconnected, everything tells us.

My goal is to open a glance searching for links; I restarted from the concrete tactility, investigating the gesture, then opening the way to broader visions; so came images of landscapes, signs, natural elements, bodies. In my operating method, words also had a particular weight: their resonance in mind often has the power to reunite with the imagination and unlock it; thought is always imaginal, and through painting, it can approach the visual manifestation. 

My artwork has developed thanks to these suggestions; the technique can vary from subject to subject, tailored to the exact needs, from a more material painting to thin and precise layers. A dialectical juxtaposition to search for links.

Two surfaces that let transpire king. Two sensitive paths that refer to each other.

An overview. Always of èpiù, everything is connected, everything

He tells us.


Text by Pelin Zeytinci

Interconnections, dyptych, 2021