Nuvola Camera (1998, Como) lives and works in Milan and she is currently attending the course of Painting and Visual art at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. In her pictorial research the subjects are always recognisable but the atmosphere that surrounds them is rarefied, the depicted forms become part of another, abstract dimension. The reduction of forms is not to take away their reality and concreteness, but rather to give a new space to the represented subject, opening it up to unexplored possibilities without forcing it into a closed and finite dimension. 


Be it landscapes, interiors or still life, Nuvola Camera’s subjects, while always maintaining a strong link with reality and remaining recognizable, are transformed in form and colour. The artist is approaching a more abstract, contemplative, metaphysical dimension that belongs to painting alone. In practical terms, what takes place is perhaps a reduction of the subject to its minimum terms. Nuvola Camera is interested in ropography, that is, depicting those things that lack importance, trivial objects, small wares, things that are not always what they seem, the first appearance may deceive. Her attentive eye on simple every-day things, rather unusually transforms the subjects afterwards through brushstrokes on canvas, shedding new light onto them. The painter is not letting anything slip, she carefully observes all life and still life around her, in her studio environment and her daily surroundings, a tactile luminous dimension.

Interruttore, 2020

  • Nuvola Camera, Interruttore, oil on canvas, 35 x25 cm