Paolo Pavan (b. 1987) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Nerbon. He holds a BA in Fine Art (Painting) and an MA in Decoration from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. During his study years, Pavan exhibited in multiple places between Venice and Treviso, including the Cittadell'arte gallery in Venice (2017), Villa Orsini in Scorzè di Venezia (2015) and the Museum of Santa Caterina in Treviso (2015). Most recently, he was a finalist of the Combat 2018 prize with the group exhibition at the G. Fattori Museum in Livorno; in the same year, he exhibited at the Atelier 3 + 10 in Venice, while in 2021, he was a finalist of their Winter Prize. 


Paolo has always identified as a painter, but during his journey, he went through various phases of experimentation in which, however, his work is characterized by a robust colour scheme in which the detail is almost always lost in the blur. His works during the academic period were large canvases, where he used bright and liquid colours, which allowed him to experiment more with light and space. 

Currently, we find the same technique in the artist's paintings, which differs from the previous one in terms of subjects and the use of colour, which now seems to have disappeared from his interest. He is attracted not as much by the technical possibilities of the canvas but by the subject that takes shape on it. 

Through photos taken at an amateur's level, personal archives and complete books, Pavan sources images and narratives that create an imaginary visual diary composed from his history and experience. L'amore ci farà a pezzi borrows a detail from a Flemish painting representing a typical hunting scene. 

He captures one point above all: a white greyhound trying to get the better of a wolf. Paolo decided to pay homage to this animal and his effort by making it the scene's protagonist with a pictorial gesture. 

Through enlarging and proportioning the original image, he comes into direct contact and has a more intimate relationship with the subject that interests him. This detail is lost on the canvas, through the printing of the colour and in the glazing, which the artist himself defines as a means to read reality and create something realistic and predictable, which turns out to be the visual reconstruction of what he has experienced in an emotional sense. 

The play of greys, rather than black and white, helps him be abstract and further detach the image from its original to make it his own and distance it from reality. 


Text by Milena Zanetti

L'Amore ci Farà a Pezzi, 2019

  • Paolo Pavan, L'Amore ci Farà a Pezzi, 2019, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm