Manuel Esposito was born in '99, was born in Monza. Until early adolescence he lives in a manner

totally disinterested in the culture, which he will encounter in the last years of artistic high school. Work

with video, photography and performance.

In 2020 he founded the Avocado Rosso exhibition research project.

He currently lives and works in Brianza and is attending the third year of New Art Technologies

at the Brera Academy.


A nature mediated by the inorganic eye of the room places the optical unconscious at the center as a practice and as an attitude of fruition. The eye of the visual machine produces images and imaginaries of the organic world, not visible except through the aid of technical tools. Hence the research on the optical unconscious as a specific filmic.

Awareness of the relationship between the visual machine and the subject produces a conscious image of its mediation and therefore deeply respectful of the subject itself.


The visual machine's eye makes images and imaginary of 

organic life that are visible only by using technical instru-5

ment. From this point, I started my research on the optical

unconscious as a specific cinematic.

The film borns from an interest in architecture endange-

red. My gaze observes the nature inhabiting the space.


L’occhio, mi si è, adagiato, 2021

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