Lorena Florio (1996, Pescara), currently working between Pescara and Roma, graduated in New Technologies of Art from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Her photographs that often derive from simple, real-life elements are subjected to different levels of processing and manipulation, both digital and physical, in an attempt to translate the artist’s imaginary into visual images. Her work has been published in the last two issues of Yogurt magazine (Quarantine Flavour and Bad Taste). Lorena Florio has participated in the collective exhibition New Talents 2020, curated by Photographic Exploration Project at the B-Part gallery in Berlin.


Lorena Florio’s photographic works are part of the Lacerazioni series, a production that the artist begun during the first lockdown. Lacerazioni is a study that revolves around the act of cutting, as through the cut made on the printed images both the artist and the viewer try to define the interaction between an external agent, light in this case and the support, that is the material on which the image is present. The cut intervenes, dissecting the captured subject - generating an opening - a material, rather sculptural approach to photography, that allows for the what is on the outside to enter the documented field. The totality of visual representation is fragmented. The manual laceration allows for the light to pass through the subjects represented, moreover, depending on the time and climate in which the images are captured, the light that penetrates them during a particular moment of day is different. The artist subsequently reappropriates this crossing, a forced dynamic moment in which the bodies act as a filter and irradiate our field of vision. A minimal gesture, a change of perspective: an enlightenment that is no longer wisdom of the One, but wisdom of the many.

Lacerazioni, 2020 - 2021