Sofia Fioramonti (b. Rome, 1997) took photographs since she was a child; at the age of 15, she was given her first camera and from there began her obsessive experimentation with photography. In 2016 she enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome, and in 2021 she obtained her MA. However, it was studying in different European capitals that allowed her to travel across the medium, exploring genres such as portrait and street photography, finally circumscribing her experimentation of intimate documentary photography.


The artist does not want to define herself as a photographer, despite being fond of the photographic medium for many years. Sofia investigates and expresses herself through the images, photographic or otherwise, of her daily and intimate life composed of travels, people and landscapes that belong to her experience as a young woman.

Her images have been created with the naturalness of those who want to frame and give order to their experience: things and people. The artist's practice arises from the need to analyze herself and what happens around her. 


The photographic series Silenzio is an ongoing project that evolves with the artist and her desire to pay attention to the details: the places and the people around her - by speaking directly to her viewer, with extreme sincerity and intimacy. 


Currently, the artist is working with different mediums such as video, continuously going through an utterly personal investigation that confirms that Fioramonti prefers the intimate image over the medium that composes it. She is currently working on her second solo show at the International Women's House in Rome. She has exhibited in various art spaces such as the Rashomon Club and the Rome and Holy Art Gallery in London.


Text by Milena Zanetti

Last Day of Summer, 2020

  • Sofia Fioramonti, Last Day of Summer, May 2019 Faro, Portugal, 2019, print on matte paper, 18 x 27 cm