Claudio Valerio (b. 1991) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Bologna. He obtained a BA in Fine Art (Painting) from the L'Aquila Academy of Fine Arts while simultaneously teaching a painting workshop at the Academy. Valerio is currently studying for an MA in Fine Art (Painting and Visual Arts) at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.


His research is mainly pictorial, although the artist always remains open to experimentation with various mediums. My research reflects concepts such as the unknown, the almost, the hidden, the ineffable with particular reference to pictorial practice. 

His creative process is attentive when studying the materials and confronts an oxymoronic and paradoxical reality, aiming to lay bridges to regions of meaning, which are by nature unknown and indefinable. Claudio believes that within pictorial practice lies a cognitive possibility capable of questioning reality. 

Memento Mori is gloomy, dreamy and full of contradictions. The bottom part of the painting seems to gently invade the calm, ghostly, semi-transparent surface of the top of the piece. 

The work's colour scheme is very atmospheric, with its shades of cedar brown, ochre and a drop of ecru creating a sense of controlled tension. At first glance, the painting appears deceptively serene, but the more I look at it, the more apparent the feeling of anxiousness and melancholia grows. 

You begin to question the reality in front of your eyes: what am I looking at? Has it got a specific meaning? Or is it, just like any reality, unstable, personal, and is open to interpretation? My gaze gets lost and delightfully consumed by the gentle sways of what I read as smoke. 

Much like those delicate marks, I feel that I become slowly dissolved and disperse in the sublime unknown, and somehow, it feels right to be consumed by Memento Mori. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova


Lazzaro, 2021

  • Claudio Valerio, Lazzaro, 2021, Olio su tela, 35 x 35 cm