Luca Harlacher (b. 1993) is a Swiss artist who lives and works between Zurich and Winterthur holding a BA in Fine Art.


His works demonstrate a playful approach to the abundance, fuelled by the accessibility of the internet that we are surrounded by every day: thoughts streams, sensory impressions - some stored, others forgotten - we are showered with imagery and become overloaded by it. Harlacher processes those impulses through his works and creates connections between them, triggering movements, thus providing the chaos that exists externally and within a new form. 

His source materials derive from all places imaginable: he works with consumer and found objects, childhood memories, everyday life impressions, the internet as well as fantasy elements that range from figurative and clear to those abstract. All those act as an alphabet in his artistic language. 

As Luca puts it: Their colourful, often trashy exterior make my nested worlds initially accessible, but they simultaneously and repeatedly refer to the problematic aspects of our time. The mixed media paintings presented at the Fair - Tinkering Models, Then Forget the Rules and Climbing up to the Flying Gifts are accompanied by the Le Chiffonnier's Magic Tower sculpture. 

The works are an explosion of colours, shapes, symbols, textures, and seemingly random imagery - there's something for everyone. Goats, umbrellas, castles, scales, faces... 

I'm simultaneously intrigued, confused, excited, curious, and overwhelmed by examining the works' surfaces. The paintings are consuming, and I can't take my gaze off them, as every time my eye wanders around the pictorial surface, I notice more and more details. 

The works make me feel joyful, playful, child-like - everything about them is tasty, perhaps due to the colours that the artist works with; I want to interact with, touch them and feel the various textures present. According to recent studies, the average time a person spends looking at a piece of art in an exhibition space is between fifteen and thirty seconds. 

I firmly believe that Harlacher's pieces will enchant you for a significantly more considerable amount of time. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova

Le Chiffonnier's Magic Tower, 2021