Roberto Beragnoli was born in Florence in 1990. From a very young age, he has been involved in illustration and painting through personal research focused on satire and figurative art. In his early years, he was influenced in his creative growth by a direct relationship with various artists, such as his uncle Sergio Beragnoli and the cartoonist Lele Vianello, historical collaborator of Hugo Pratt. The latter provided him with the theoretical foundations of drawing and colouring. 


Artificial intelligence and algorithms are the primary tools with which Roberto Beragnoli realizes his ideas, maintaining solid contact with the art created by manipulating materials and spaces through traditional techniques. His works connect physical mediums, sculpted or painted, with the digital world. Although rich in technological elements, his works often aim to dialogue with previous artists and the history of art in general, highlighting the continuity and, where possible, the fractures.


Materials are works that aim to investigate simulations of digital forms and materials subjected to various forces and manipulated in their internal characteristics. This work is then transformed into a physical object, in this case, a polystyrene sculpture. One could not ignore the hardness of the marble, the malleability of the wax, the friability of the plaster, and the fibrousness of the wood. With all these elements, one could only collaborate to drag them to the point sought by the author or to the intrinsic breaking point of the objects themselves (Archangel Sassolino).


Text by Pelin Zeytinci