Being influenced by his parents from a young age to observe and create thoughts on architecture and urbanism, he uses photography to communicate my artistic concepts. His body of work consists mainly of photographs produced while practising dérives made in diverse urban areas. He has started his projects supported by the interest in how transformative architecture can be, observing improvised elements that made him aware of the distancing between planning and how different people use a constructed space. Reflecting on how the implemented solutions impact and influence the living experience of its inhabitants. 

There is more to Urban Limits than a Circular Road (2021). ‘There is more to Urban Limits than a Circular Road’ is a photographic essay of numerous dérives made around urban areas in the Umbrian region of Italy. While walking towards the outer areas of a city, I am being guided by what my senses recognised as the limits of an urban area. Main infrastructures such as larger roads, railroads and railway stations, dormitory blocks, industries, or even sport centres and urban parks are what primarily bind my areas of interest. From an improvised solution at a tennis court to the child’s swing overlooking the cable car line, passing by the saddening truth of suburbia-looking cemetery houses, to the open stairs leading inside a private apartment block, all these peculiar situations convey a certain humour and irony to me. Borderline urban areas can often feel as monotonous as circular roads since they are used chiefly as rapid pass-through places. But when they are observed at a walking pace, several elements turn visible, displaying a rich amount of functions, materialities, shapes and presence. That multiplicity in the features found here convey to me a sentiment of urban limits. 


Text by Pelin Zeytinci

Minimetrò (Bystanders)

  • Inkjet print on fine-art cotton paper, with aluminium frame, with glass;

    100 cm x 66 cm; edition of 3 + 1 A.P.

    1000 €