Aimee Ruoff (b. 1997) is a Canadian artist born who lives and works in Toronto. She holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Guelph and now makes oil paintings, drawings and prints from her home studio, recently venturing into hand-painted animation. Ruoff has participated in group exhibitions, fairs and publications, both locally and internationally, and between 2018 and 2019, she won the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation and Junior Juried Art Show awards.


In her practice, she combines classical painting techniques with a reflection on time and the pressing rhythms that characterize contemporary society. Aimee declares: "Wrapped up in everyday life: an unexpected fog settling over a morning commute, golden sun shining on

I am drawn to the nostalgic moments of bedroom curtains, a plush pink chair abandoned on the side of the road and gone the next day. What is fleeting and ethereal reminds me of the temporality of life and my place within it. I work from life and my photographs, often combining many different moments within one composition to build a visual narrative that feels both familiar and strange. Being present and seeking out small sublime moments within the mundane is where I make art; this process of taking time to seek and translate what I see into painting has become my subversion of the pressing speed that defines our cultural moment. For me, art-making is an act of devotion, an avenue to see the world and hold it close". 

Filled. Overflowing, and Morning Light in Teal are two paintings starring sunlight, of which she has long studied its properties and characteristics. It shines and bounces on the surface of objects, and representing it means stopping a moment in time because the light and shadow will not be the same in an hour or a minute, giving a sense of immediacy to both the process and to the final piece: "I capture these moments in time quickly with loose brushstrokes, trusting that the fluidity of the signs represents the weightlessness of the moving light."


Text by Laura Pieri

Morning Light in Teal, 2021

  • Aimee Ruoff, Filled. Overflowing., 2021, Oil on panel, 30,5 x 30,5 cm