Federico Polloni (b. 1991) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Venice. He holds an MA in Fine Art (Painting) from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. Polloni exhibited in various cities, including New York, London, Bergen, Milan and Ljubljana. Among the most recent exhibitions is the Wopart fair in Switzerland, The Collective Upgrade at the Dimora Artica Gallery in Milan and Unlikely at Palazzo Mocenigo Venice. In 2020 he founded the Cultural Association Acromo in Venice; in the same year, he opened the first Lab space shared with Casablanca_studio_ in the same city. In 2021 Federico collaborated in realising the first independent festival and open studio of young emerging artists operating in Venice (Venice Independent Art Scene).


His pictorial universe has a circular dimension and time, in which the horizon is always elsewhere. Immediately perceptible is the will to go outside the pre-established visual places to arrive at a personal deconstruction of space. 

Starting from figurative elements of reality, the artist creates environments with colours and digital forms. His is a primitive imaginary that oscillates between the artificial and the dreamlike, where figurative elements are placed beyond space and time. 

The intelligibility of Polloni's works manifests itself gradually, after a careful observation of every little detail. What he wants to do, is to invite the gaze of the observer to get lost to be able to eviscerate the visual patterns that characterise the details. 

Federico's paintings dialogue with each other, generating a constant connection between past and present and creating a recognisable stylistic figure that unites them all. In each work, there is always an element that suggests what will come next, establishing in this way a narrative anthology that becomes a key to reading for all its production. 

The critical aspect of all his poetics remains the constant tension between interiority and the sensitive world, between what is in us and what we draw from the outside, making it our own. In Ragenbogen and Ortensie, the artist digs into his inner self, making materialise sensations, memories and obsessions, which then declines into objects suspended in metaphysical spaces, manifesting a tension towards the unknown. 


Federico Polloni

Ortensie, 2021