Fabien Marques (1982) is a French visual artist based in Udine, Italy. He gained his MA Visual Arts at Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design after completing a BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. His artworks have been shown in the context of numerous exhibitions and festivals such as the Copenhagen Photo Festival and the Glasgow Festival for Visual Arts. He has taken part in exhibitions, among others at Galerie CC in Malmö, Sweden, and Salon de Montrouge. He has has been recently a finalist for Foundation Francesco Fabbri Prize for contemporary photography. Fabien Marques is a visiting lecturer at Lille University, France and a member of AWI, Art Workers Italia. 


The photographic image is central to the practice of Fabien Marques. His works often stem from historical and scientific investigations and usually, explore territories marked by invisible stories. From intensive research, he reconstructs a constellation of iconographic and textual elements that illuminate and re-contextualize historical or particular events. The Distinctions is a research-based project exploring our understanding and acceptance of novelty through food, colour, and daily practices. It starts from the artist's visit to the Porta Palazzo farmer market in Turin in June 2018 and his discovery of Momordica Charantia: a South American and Asian fruit known as Bitter Gourd, which became a staple in the stalls of the Chinese vendors. The indigenous vegetable is taken as the symbolic embodiment of the foreign as a transient state: what is the 'exotic'? How long does it take for the 'exotic' to become normalised? Using the photograph of Bitter Gourd as a source for extracting its colours, the artist developed a series of artworks influenced by colour perception. Through the interaction between photographic documentation and physical objects, this work delves into the cultural habit of incorporating exoticism into everyday life an