The Hungarian artist Krisztina Czika lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied at the Fashion and Trade School of Crafts, Clothing and Textiles in Budapest and then completed her education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Among the latest exhibitions she has participated in are "Between Lockdowns", BIG ART 2020 in Zaandam, "Absurd Beings on Skin" group show in Amsterdam and "The Space Makers" at Galerie Pouloeuff in Naarden.


The artist has always been attracted to the world of different materials and their possibilities of expression. As a student in Budapest and later on in the Netherlands, she instinctively approached the theme, fascinated by the different components that can constitute an object. In her work, Krisztina experiments with various types of physical materials, focusing not only on their observable characteristics but also on the stories and emotions they carry, paying attention to the physical and the metaphysical.


Divergence, exhibited in the three installations shown at the fair, is a photography-based project divided into three different series: Reflection, Refraction, Distortion. Born from a generalized and indefinite collective state of existence in times of a global crisis, the artist felt the need to open a way to reflect on the current state of interlude. 

In this series, the photographs are transformed into sculptures that are the outcome of her reflective research, a global introspection that has become a consequence of a prolonged and forced period of liberation from all physical restrictions.


The images - preserved and printed on broken glass and mounted on wood - are born from the artist's desire to break free. An outcome of an insistent desire to live a life of emotional indulgence and unrestricted creativity. Each image is the physical manifestation of a longed-for escape that has been fueled during months of isolation and constrained movements.


The Refraction series starts from the concept of refraction that bends the light until substances are reduced to transparency. Just as the beams of light strike through the body of water and consequently create their abstractions, the artist wants to soften our hardness, leaving the viewer to float calmly in the free forms and free movements of the image.


Czika tries to freeze a vibrant mood on a reused glass fragment to give us a set of collective memories. She is seizing a moment of refracted luminescent light during times of the global crisis. Through her captured and immortalized images full of light and transparency, Czika tries to touch upon the collective turbulence and the symbolic acts of adaptation.


Text by Milena Zanetti