Alexander Gukun (b. 2006) is a Russian artist who lives and works in Moscow. 


The installation piece entitled Physical Soul is a debut for Gukin; the complexity, profundity and intensity of thought behind the artwork have impressed me deeply. Physical Soul is an interactive art therapy installation. The exhibit consists of multiple elements, the central one being a pair of trousers and a t-shirt sewn together, instantly referring to a human figure, and in fact, the artwork represents the human Soul. Seemingly bright and colourful on the outside with its watermelon pink and indigo blue, the longer I study it, the more inconsistencies I notice regarding that supposedly cheerful figure. Not only is the body asymmetrical, once taken a closer look, but we also notice the unevenness of embroidery, breaking and creasing; the inscriptions that read entrance and no exit, instinctively, I’m looking for the word exit that is nowhere to be seen and so I’m trapped, without even realising it, inside the sewn lines. The feeling of entrapment, perhaps due to the colours used by Alexander, reminds me of the same sensation of be