Camilla Gurgone (b. 1997) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Rome. In 2020 she obtained a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from RUFA University in Rome. Before receiving her degree, Gurgone undertook a thesis research work at UPV / EHU in Bilbao, where she won the BilbaoArte GRANTS residency, curated by Juan Zapater. 

Her research revolves around the limits and paradoxes linked to society, crises, and diversities that we encounter through environments and familiar places. During her studies, Camilla was involved in numerous initiatives, workshops and exhibitions, winning the Rome Jaguart roadshow in 2020 organised by Artissima and Jaguar Italia. She is currently working on multiple projects together with galleries and associations in Northern and Central Italy. 


Accidents, breakdowns, sudden pipe breakages and water leaks - these are neither accidental nor symptomatic explosions of the often remote but recurring events that destabilise our daily routines within the safe space that is our home.

Faced with this complexity, made up of small things that suddenly become huge, the artist, in her two sculptures Pronto, fa Acqua da Tutte le Parte and Fix the Leaky Faucet, Please from the larger Problemi di Idraulica installation, suddenly becomes a resolute worker, throws herself headlong into this chaos and illustrates an extensive field of issues. Impersonating respectable and useful professions, she takes the consolidated practice of assimilation, simultaneously deforming, through the transgressive use of this possession, the bourgeois and the official status of the same, common patrimony of the same subjects struggling with their ego. Against the cliché that being an artist is not a serious job, this sprawling and camouflage takes on a playful and at the same time corrosive aspect. 

In this fictional game, where problems are turned over, the viewer is invited to participate, to make an aesthetic experience out of this dysfunctionality that has exploded formally and conceptually. This creates a short circuit that complicates the relationship between reality and fiction, creating a plot for the exchange and, through a wide range of implications – captures within the installation the stereotypes and prejudices, trivia and vulgarity. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova and Mattia Cucurullo




Pronto? Fa acqua da tutte le parti, 2021