Marta Longa (b. 1995) is an Italian artist who lives and works between Milan and Erba. She holds an MA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. 


I constantly look for new narratives, for a language I can speak to the viewer in, project my view of the world, and make one see beyond what already exists in one's mind. Longa is looking for the tension that pushes us forward, to examine the things from the inside; she is interested in the concept of space and its possibilities. 

The gestures used in her artworks are soft, delicate and fragile; they reside within small intimate spaces - we as viewers recognise that those are special, cherished places and are compelled, quite naturally, to treat them the way they're supposed to - with quiet fascination. We relate to the artworks through the parallel they create between that intimate, fragile space within us that we all have. 

Lately, the concept of response-ability, developed by Donna Haraway - an American philosopher and professor - became central in Marta's practice. As Haraway puts it: Response-ability is about both absence and presence, killing and nurturing, living and dying - and remembering who lives and who dies. 

The artist interprets it as a commitment to be present within the process achieved through cultivation and taking care of something; she believes that the construction and reconstruction of opening up the vast field of relationships between ourselves and the things around us are within our capacity. Ricucio (Ferite Aperte) is a sculptural wall installation consisting of twelve dried sage leaves sown with cotton threads. 

Longa uses shades of the forest, olive and hunter green, to accentuate the openings that naturally occurred inside the slightly faded sage leaves. The artwork title suggests those be open wounds, and the artist to be sowing them shut, or perhaps merely making them evident enough for us and the others to notice them and treat us with care? 


Text by Maria Myasnikova


Ricucio (Ferite Aperte), 2021

  • Marta Longa, Ricucio (Ferite Aperte), 2021, Dried sage and cotton threads, Installation takes up 30 x 35 cm