She was born in Palermo in 1995. She graduated in painting in 2018 and always specializes in painting, graduating with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo in 2020. 

She is followed by teachers Fulvio Di Piazza, Francesco De Grandi, Alessandro Bazan, Pierantonio Romanelli. Currently teaches art and image in middle school in the province of Forlì Cesena. 

Passantino's painting starts from a study on whites and snow. It then moves towards the concepts of space, full and empty, whose emptiness is not intended as the absence of something but is an integral part of the vision of the work as a whole. 

Her works result from a violent process where the starting image from which he draws inspiration is destroyed or mutilated, replaced by new identities and new forms. The work proposed for ReA! Art Fair is an oil painting from 2020 and measures 70 x 100 cm. 

Together with the latest artworks, this work wants to create bewilderment in the viewer's vision, who may believe that he is in front of different mediums, while the only one used is that of oil colour.


Text by Pelin Zeytinci

Ritratto in rosso e blu, 2020

  • Ritratto in rosso e blu, 2020, olio su cartone telato, 40*50 cm