Ilaria Berzaghi (b. 1999) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. She is currently completing her BA in Fine Art (Painting) at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.


Berzaghi's artworks are based on the intimate aspects, often melancholic, that are dear to her - she's interested in capturing those delicate everyday moments and transferring them onto the pictorial surface: I decide what to depict with selectivity, as my eyes, attentive and solicited, memorize details, objects and subjects and then my hands concretize everything onto the canvas through veils of light colour. Through her works, Ilaria is searching for an ideal imaginary place, going with the steady flow of time, which becomes stratified, much like her paintings. 

Senza Titolo 1 is a rigorous composition made of angles and shadows created by those angles, and it is them that set and direct the viewer's perception. The multiple squares that dominate the composition immediately make us wonder what we're looking at - is it an artwork inside the artwork? Is it some box, and if yes, what's inside of it? Or perhaps it's an empty photo frame, so where is the photo? The muted colour palette ensures that the squares visually interact in a subtle way, instead of clashing, creating a calm, nostalgic feeling. 

This painting is a perfect example of the moments that become captured by the artist - the image is, in fact, something that she sees every day when she raises her gaze; it's a ceiling lamp, a simple, even to some extent, trivial object, fixed, almost permanently to another flat surface, yet depicted like that it turns into an intriguing, mysterious, intimate item. Here, Berzaghi choses to reappropriate this household object that resides in our homes and turn it into a symbol of domesticity by turning it off - extrapolating it from its original function, and inserting it into a new dimension through painting. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova


Senza Titolo 1, 2021

  • Ilaria Berzaghi, Senza Titolo 1, 2021, Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm