Carla Giaccio Darias (b. 1998) is an Italo-Cuban artist who lives and works between Milan, Rome and Habana. She holds a degree in Architecture and Environment and a BA in Fine Art (Painting and Visual Arts) from NABA. Darias has participated in various exhibitions, among which Women Under the Sky at the Apriti Cielo Association in Milan (2019) and Incontro # 21 Erase to Make a Mark at the Adolfo Pini Foundation in Milan (2019). She recently won the Arte Accademia award of the renowned DucatoPrize (2021). 


Carla identifies herself mainly as a painter, but her practice is also mixed with other techniques such as sculpture which alternates with the visual dimension. The starting point of her images is the cultural contaminations that the artist has always cultivated, keeping her Cuban roots physically alive while building her environment in Italy. 

The artist's travels and different perspectives have allowed her to reinterpret symbolic worlds and study artistic intentions and practices within different perceptions. She sees the animal world as full of symbolism linked to nature and the organic part of terrestrial species, inseparable from her childhood experience. 

A cosmos represents something beyond, which has always attracted particular attention being out of the ordinary and regularly perceptible. Every day is seen as something surprising and spontaneous in its encounter with the pictorial or sculptural image. 

An image that can also be charged with negativity but which, through manual work, blends with the intimate and collective experience simultaneously. The interest in these possibilities opens up a discourse on a practice of gaze, sensitivity and love. 

By defining objects and memories at risk, connected to them, Darias carries out a transformation by not attempting to represent or narrate such objects. Senza titolo painting refers ideally to this concept by proposing an image that is not very recognizable, which requires a closer look to superimpose a narration onto it. 

As an attachment to life and art, the pivotal point is the resistance that information can arouse. Opening up different considerations concerning painting as a changing material leads to an experimental act that no longer distinguishes a sign from a body, a painting from a sculpture, but transforms matter into pure language.


Text by Milena Zanetti

Senza Titolo, 2020