Francesca Mussi (1992) is a visual artist based in Milan. She studied Visual Arts at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and Design at the University of Leeds. In 2015 she founded the cultural association Landskap in Milan, in 2016 and in 2018 she collaborated for the international art residency PASSAGE in Bergerac. She is the co-founder of the art collective Bidet à Boire since 2020. The artist started her production with different traditional and experimental printmaking techniques on paper but more recently she works with installations in an heterogeneous language.


Francesca Mussi’s work is often born from actions recorded privately, conceived as the translation of an intimate dimension and brought into a universal common sphere. The action is a sort of generative matrix that remains as the base of the following multiples. Even the object production, sculptural production, is conceived as a print of a former action. She uses myths and micro-tales of the place she exhibits in to establish contemporary observations, building sometimes a direct dialogue with the place in which the works are being shown. The work Ses flancs de bois is part of Never seen performances, a series of images that come from a hidden action, as the artist recorded a performance secretly in a contemporary art museum. The video was never made public, but its testimonies are visible through a series of different images. The action consisted on stripping layers of tissue-paper the artist had previously used to cover the entire surface of a sofa in the museum space. She then reduces the tissue-paper into little crumbled balls, throwing them on the floor. The piece is a reflection on the relationship that the emerging artist has with the institution. Never seen performance is composed out of images deriving from this past action, printed on different surfaces and objects, all related to the artist’s personal tools and imaginary, like her former working desk, studio drawers etc.

Ses flancs de bois, 2021