Giulia Seri ( 1988, Rome) has been living and working in Florence since 2008. After graduating with a master's degree in biology she studied painting at the Art Students League of New York and in 2017 she obtained a scholarship to the international school of graphic art Il Bisonte in Florence. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions as well as art residencies in Italy and abroad. In her work she uses different techniques: painting, engraving, sculpture and installation. In her works Giulia Seri investigates the randomness of the formation of living beings, the condition of humans within the absurdity of existence. 


Giulia Seri's research focuses on the theme of depression, on the distorted perception of the body, on the precariousness of the conception of identity. Focusing on the human being and their relationship with life and death, the artist portrays through painting, drawing and sculpture, the fragile conditions of our existence, the states of transition, mental and bodily. Seri is particularly fascinated by the rituals and customs of the ancient Egyptian civilization and in particular by the Book of the Dead, a funerary text intended to assist the deceased in their journey to the afterlife. The sculptural production and representation of anthropomorphic bodies reference animal and mythological resemblances.

Sfinge, 2020

  • Giulia Seri, Sfinge, 2020, bread, wax 87 x 38 x 53 cm