Duccio Guarneri (b. 1994) is an Italian artist who lives and works between Cremona and Brescia. He holds a BA in Artistic Decoration from the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts and is currently studying for an MA in Contemporary Visual Arts.


Guarneri's artistic research draws inspiration from scenography and theatre, influencing his visual poetics. This allows him to broaden his vision and start from the medium itself. For Duccio, the framework is limiting and linked to the concept of finite and static – he creates dimensions in which the viewer is invited to enjoy the work by engaging multiple senses, not just sight. The scenario he intends to explore through his work comes from the memory of a place that he defines as the pre-place: "neologism indicates the archetypal dimension of the rarefied and enveloping entity, the fruit of the union between figuration and the evanescence of the dream. Within this dimension, there are two components, a pro scenic and a scenic, figure and landscape: they are two very distinct realities, each of them residing within the universe of the work." In Subsidence, the artist is interested in directly involving the Observer by presenting an environmental installation work consisting of a modular PVC pipe with speakers placed on the inside. Guarneri says: "The work is changeable, it changes shape and dimensions according to space at its disposal, thus becoming a dynamic work, engaged in everlasting movement and search for the involvement of the sensitive spheres of sight, touch, hearing. A movement is an unpredictable event, as well as sound and rhythm. These elements make up our days. You do not know what will happen, nor where you will go. The current carries you. A metaphor for all this is an intricate line of tubes, the same ones we use to build the ramifications underground, usually invisible to the eye, just like our cognitive process. [The speakers] reproduce different sounds: percussion, drums, train whistles, subway, sampled noises, mixed to create a concerto of rhythms that converge in a meta Symphony, creating a sequence of sounds as well as silences." 


Text by Laura Pieri


Subsidence, 2020