The artist’s research follows the theories of intersectional feminism and New Materialism, she is interested in environmentalist politics and more generally in post-humanist philosophies and the fight against species discrimination. For Way out the artist took inspiration from an Etruscan figure found on a vase of that time. The figure represents a ritual, probably called Truia. This ritual is still shrouded in shadow, but it is possible that it was a rite of passage for young men to become knights. The original figure shows two riders with the figure of the stork or the partridge on the shield; these animals are both connected to sacred dances. Brugola removes the human figure from the drawing. What appears is the figure of a stork or partridge set in a horse. Almost a symbol of a fusion or of an absolute collaboration. These two animals, which become a single creature, drag a maze. The labyrinth is the symbol of a critical and cryptic present, from which you can find the way out only relying on unexpected collaborations. Francesca relies on ancient languages and proposes them to a contemporary audience. In this action there is no attempt to appropriate a certain language, but the awareness of the evocative force of these images and therefore, the desire to create a contemporary discourse and a collective imagination around these.

Swimming in the pool, 2020

  • Francesca Brugola, Swimming in the pool, 2020, terra sigillata (front and back), 16,5x24,5cm