First displayed at the former Doornburgh monastery (NL), these site-specific installations use beeswax to 

establish a new perspective on the human habitat. The installation was inspired by architect Dom Hans van 

der Laan saying: “Nature […] is unfathomable. Its forms have countless sizes. Architecture, as the 

fundamental HABITUS is there to surround us like clothing and to make our environment readable.”. Using the 

beeswax, artist Stef Veldhuis (b. 1992) counters this principle by using natural materials to rediscover the man-

made space. For the REA Art Fair, two new interventions have been created. The Entrance, and the 



Between two of the existing columns of Fabbrica del Vappore, a threshold is placed. This small intervention 

transforms the space between the two pillars into a site of transition. Traversing over the doorsill signifies 

change, similar to the uses of thresholds in ancient European and African rites of passage. It divides the space 

into an inside/outside, before/after, with the liminal space ("the physical spaces between one destination and 

the next.”) of the beeswax border in the middle. The doorsill can be frequently observed in Chinese 

architecture where superstition dictated that it would keep the souls of the deceased from leaving the house, 

whilst at the same time preventing evil spirits from entering.


Telling the bees

  • Stef Veldhuis, Telling the bees, 2021, Beewax, Site specific installation