Patrick Stratton (b. 1994) is a British artist who lives and works in London. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Leeds, HNC at Kensington and Chelsea College and is currently attending an MA course at the City and Guilds of London Art School. 


The scientific and artistic training allowed Stratton to combine these two aspects in a single research and create works in which the mechanical and manual components coexist harmoniously. He documents social Microsystems and moments of daily life through weaving and electronics by taking objects and actions of everyday life and converting them into a moving tapestry. 

Patrick explains why he decided to make weaving his style: "I appreciate weaving for its restrictions, it works similarly to the way an inkjet printer operates, creating the image one line at a time [I find it particularly inspiring] when the restrictions inherent in weaving lead to different solutions. This means that depicting an object becomes a problem-solving experiment. This interest in its restrictions has remained with me, along with the comfort that this aspect of problem-solving brings, and has become fundamental in my practice. 

Step in Gum is part of The Things I Do Sometimes series and is the work that led him to move from small to large format: "Patrick Stratton's series of small-scale tapestries embraces aspects of contemporary life in many ways. [Mindful of the social change experienced recently] we all had more time to reflect on our lives and actions; what was important became insignificant, and the insignificant moments of daily life amplified. Patrick Stratton, using the long traditions of tapestry, weaves those moments into small-scale humorous classic works of art that share with us the moment when chewing gum sticks to the heel of his shoe, now the pink threads of wool stretch and relax in a looped memorial of that significantly insignificant moment. The activity of grating cheese, cleaning teeth and doing sit-ups. Everyone now repeats their actions as fragments of his day, the rest of which is left to our imagination" – Clare Denton.


Text by Laura Pieri

Things I do Sometimes: Step in Gum, 2020