Francesco Pozzato lives and works between Venice and Vicenza.

He completed his studies first in Theater and then in Visual Arts at the IUAV University of

Venice and is currently enrolled in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean History

at the Ca 'Foscari University.

In 2020 he participated in the Galleria Continua and the Elpis Una Foundation project

Boccata d'Arte in Sepino (Campobasso), in 2019 he was in residence at BoCs

Art (Cosenza) and in 2018 at the ateliers of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation


He has recently participated in various exhibitions, including Metafotografia, curated by

Mauro Zanchi and Sara Benaglia, BACO Contemporary Art Base Today

(Bergamo, 2020), Photo Open Up - Argo, curated by Carlo Sala at the Cathedral

Ex Macello (Padua, 2019), Coming Soon, curated by Mira Asriningtyas, Nora

Heidorn and Kari Rittenbach at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation (Turin,

2018), and the solo show In this sign, you shall lose, curated by Saverio Bonato (Schio,

2019). Also in 2018 he took part in the Q-Rated workshop with Zach Blas, Rana

Hamadeh and Robert Leckie, curated by La Quadriennale di Roma near Lecce.

His work focuses on the analysis of the relationship between matter and history,

between three-dimensionality and temporality, in particular on the relationship between raw materials and the historical interval which is defined as Ancient. According to the artist, in fact, the the past of mankind has had a preponderant influence on the present

of contemporary man. Society, especially Western, appears completely changed, especially in the last few centuries, and it is precisely on this discrepancy that Pozzato's artistic research focuses on: he investigates how Ancient, apparently disappeared, dialogue with contemporaneity and vice versa.


Earthquake baroque (al-Hassan mosque)

  • Francesco Pozzato, Earthquake baroque (al-Hassan mosque), 50 x 70 cm