Sevana Holst is a French-American writer and visual poet. She studied History at the Sorbonne and Persian Studies at the INALCO (language research institute), starting her professional life as an independent translator and writer (collaborating on theatres and artists in Paris). 

Her work focuses on exploring the limits and aesthetics of language through visual and concrete poetry (taking inspiration from other female visible and tangible poets, such as Susan Howe, Paula Claire, Giulia Niccolai...). Through her work, she combines both visual and literary realms in search of a complete desacralization of both the text and the image. 

She is based in Paris, France. Bribes et essais is a long-form piece created with an Olivetti studio 44 typewriter, on upcycled granulated paper, from an old iconographer workshop in Paris. 

It is an evolutive reflection on Time and the Self that exists through a continuum of experts of poems and thoughts written by the artist- a patchwork stream of consciousness. The letters are woven together on the page, mirroring the written themes through their physical form and structure. 

Here, the literary and visual realms work together to desacralize the text and the image whilst adding layers of meaning to the page.


Text by Pelin Zeytinci


Untitled 2, 2020

  • Sevana Holst, Untitled 2, 2020, Mixed media