Noemi Mirata was born in Catania in 1995. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in

Catania, address Painting, he moved to Milan to attend the two years at the Academy of Fine

Arti di Brera, specialization in Theory and Practice of Artistic Therapeutics. In 2019 she was selected from Collettivo Flock to take part in the PUPI project - The new story, giving it the opportunity to deepen a new symbiosis between tradition and the contemporary world. In January of the same year he participated in the Macro Asilo in Rome with a performance Pro-Memoria, curated by Nicoletta Braga. From 2019 to January 2020 she carried out a workshop with abused women in the Cerchi d’Acqua (MI) anti-violence center. In July 2020 he led a workshop at the DENDRON Space (CT) creating a site specific work. In the same year she carried out an internship for Alain Urrutia Studio (Berlin), giving her the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and share her research with the artist. During the same year she was selected by MUSPA by creating a personal exhibition through the platform.

He currently collaborates with CELL online art project.

His research focuses on the concept of nature seen as the place from which everything originates and to which everything

come back. Nature is Mother but at the same time it is a devouring force in continuous transformation. The themes of resilience and intimacy are part of his artistic project, the use of elements purely natural underlines this almost exasperated search for a lost or forgotten place.

He currently lives and works in Milan.


The fascinating Salicornia is an ancient plant belonging to the Amaranthaceae family, it can grow in arid and even desert environments.

Considered a resilient plant, it changes and evolves to adapt to its surroundings.

Inside the disused space, emblem of the artifice, the group of plants proudly ascends towering over the space. The iconographic style of the work tends to hold this plant of great importance.

In a moment of pandemic like ours, nature makes us see the possibility of imitating it, imitating its ability to adapt to a reluctant context.