Arthur Dufoor (b. 1997) is a Belgian artist based in Brussels. He has been developing his skills in classical oil painting for the past ten years; starting with the figurative approach, his work slowly evolved into the field of abstract painting. The fluidity and aggressiveness of intensely coloured shapes and patterns are central to his painterly approach; nevertheless, his appreciation and fascination for the Old Masters always shines through. In 2020 Dufoor obtained an MA in Fine Art at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent and had since shown his work in numerous spaces, including the ‘Witte Rook’ (Breda), the ‘Kunsthal’ (Ghent) and ‘LaVallée’ in Brussels. After completing his studies in Ghent, Arthur got his own art studio in a small coastal town of Westende, where he continued to paint for six months before moving back to Brussels. 


My work departs from a radical intuitive and therapeutic approach, communicating raw emotions and expressive sensibility through large scale oil paintings. Drawing from diverse influences such as Mannerism, Baroque and Post-Modernist painters, Dufoor’s work always balances between the confessional and the brutal. 

His paintings constitute an abstract language but always remain close to reality in a quest for the perfect artwork. Functioning as a large-scale diary, Dufoor’s work often integrates various notes and quotes from his daily life. 

Untitled (Breda) is a perfect example of the contrast that the artist so skillfully creates: emotions relating to delicacy and susceptibility rise within me as I look at the thin, elegant black lines that are first and foremost recognised as marks, and only then turn into words. In doing so, the tension between personal vulnerability and the ruthlessness of the abstract language becomes apparent. 

At the same time, I recognise the brutality of gestural marks in ruby red that inhibit the surface of the canvas. This opposition created by such diverse mark-making is apparent, yet they aren’t in conflict; on the contrary, they are engaged in an intense, passionate dialogue, overlapping and retreating within the pictorial plane of the canvas. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova

Untitled (Breda), 2021