Erica Monzali (b. 1993) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. She holds a BA in Fine Art (Printmaking) from the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts and an MA in Fine Art (Painting and Visual Arts). Monzali is currently studying for her second MA in Art Direction and Copywriting at the Poli Design in Milan. Pursuing her strong interest in various artistic disciplines, especially printmaking, Erica completed two internships to enhance her knowledge of the medium: at Checkpoint Charly atelier in Bologna, followed by one at an art publishing house called Three Star Books in Paris. 


The artist’s visual research is mainly focused on abstract aesthetics; she works with a vast range of imagery, creating patterns and textures. Monzali works with various techniques, focusing on visual and tactile aspects of colours, forms and materials. 

She is interested in the concept of repetition - a distinctive characteristic of the printmaking discipline. In Erica’s artworks, however, the reiteration is considered the approach to technical reproduction and a method of creation, causing it to develop into a dialogue with different variables that become continuously modified, altering the final result. 

The large work presented at the Fair entitled Untitled. Trame - Gotico 1 - is created using the frottage technique on a hand-carved linoleum plate, working with wax pastels on Wenzhou paper. This work, in particular, illustrates perfectly the concept of repetitiveness - the materials and the way they are used are engaged in the organic dialogue: the gestural application of rubbing the wax pastel and the plate with the manual creation of the frottage. 

This artwork is part of a larger body of work entitled Untitled - Trama. The pieces compare the concept of seriality of the printing matrix and the imperfection and randomness that the manual action brings to the process. 

The repetition of the same pattern on the surface - the movement from the rubbing of the wax crayon - creates a complex texture whose uniformity - generated by a semi-mechanical gesture, is repetitive and not particularly creative. However, it is strongly linked to the aesthetic choice governed by the eye and the mind. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova

Untitled. Trame - Gotico 1, 2021