Davide Giuseppe Fracasso is an Italian artist based in Alessano. He is currently in his third year studying for a BA in Fine Art (Painting) at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. 


I have always been attracted to puns, mythology, magic and elements strongly linked to the circus world. Some images perceived by Fracasso make such a strong impression that they become imprinted in his head - so much so that they inevitably make their way into his artworks, and they end up creating unexpected hybrids. 


Davide is interested in creating buoyant, sometimes seemingly senseless, ridiculous and ironic artworks. His goal is to tease the audience, and his Uova installation does exactly that; the artist often uses humour, paradox and the concept of fake news in his works. 

Uova is an installation that consists of six paintings and a 7’’ video played alongside it. The paintings are made with egg tempera, a witty reference to the title, and correspond perfectly to the colour of the brown eggshell; the number of paintings - six - references the most popular number of eggs in an egg tray. The video shows the six artworks hanged in what resembles a barn with chickens walking around it - one expressing a particular interest in the installation. 

For me, the installation creates a brilliant parallel and is mocking the way we see and look at art. Often we come to the exhibition spaces and notice endless amounts of people aimlessly walking around the artworks, much like the chickens in Fracasso’s video, not because they are particularly interested in the works shown, but because lately, exhibition spaces became cool places to hang out in. And then occasionally there’s one chicken that takes an interest in the art shown, but perhaps to merely take a picture, to then be posted on its Instagram with a hashtag “cultural”. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova


Uova, 2020

  • Davide Giuseppe Fracasso, Uova, 2020, Installation: Egg tempera on canvas; Video , Hexaptych - 60 x 50 cm each; 7’’