Erika Godino (b. 1993) is an Italian artist who currently lives and works in Milan. In 2018 she obtained an MA in Fine Art (Painting) from the Reggio Calabria Academy of Fine Arts. Godino was the finalist of the Art Award 2018 for the Academy Painting section held at Palazzo Reale in Milan. She was involved in various group and solo exhibitions throughout Italy, such as Brera Aperta at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, and Pandemic Communication at Bookcity, Milan, in 2020 and 2021.


My artistic research is based on creating a solid visual impact on the interlocutor. Godino aims to create a sentimental connection between her artworks and the viewers. Through mark-making and colours, she constructs emotional solicitation to disorient those observing the work - the reality becomes disturbed through the unconscious of the artist’s mind. The theme of emptiness is the central one in Erika’s research. The void is perceived not as loneliness or abandonment but as the void that we should look for within ourselves. The artist wants us to look for inner peace while we observe the works, immerse ourselves in colour and merge with the piece, forgetting everything that surrounds us: thoughts, emotions, feelings, traumas, challenges, and let go. 

For Erika, the pieces describe her dream journey, and the title - Viaggio Onirico hints at that. The artwork consists of twenty-one round canvases exhibited alongside each other, engaged in a visual dialogue. Persistent, energetic shapes and delicate forms painted with different shades of crimson red invade the pictorial surface, oscillating between confusion, anxiety, disorder, loneliness and stillness. 

Godino, however, wishes for the viewers to forget about her, the artist, and what she was feeling and thinking while creating, and instead focus on themselves, go through the process of self-rediscovery, savouring, accepting and celebrating everything that exists within ourselves. Become disoriented, adrift, bewildered - for it is necessary for the process of reclaiming your identity, for the acknowledgement of the self, and embrace everything that exists within us, as well as the external circumstances. 


Text by Maria Myasnikova


Viaggio Onirico, 2021