In Castelfranco Veneto in 1995, Antonello Enrico attended the Art School of Treviso and graduated with honours in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2019. In 2017 he was one of the founders of the Default collective, committed to exhibiting his works in unconventional places (San Servolo, Monfumo, Venice, Trento, Novara). 

On these projects, he begins to focus his research on three aspects between their correlates: sound, light and movement. In 2019 he participated in the international Artstays festival in Slovenia. 

The same year it was selected as a finalist at the XIV edition of the National Prize of the Arts of the Italian Academies and the Salvi Prize in Sassoferrato (Ancona). In 2020 he presented in Treviso the work "Decomposition" in the "Orli" exhibition and "Sound Machine" in the "ZOONOSI" exhibition at Cavallino-Treporti (Ve). At the end of 2020 in Agropoli, in the province of Salerno, he won the prize in the sculpture-installation section with the work "Work day for 2" in the international competition "ArtKeys02". His work presents three preponderant aspects that always relate to each other: sound, light and movement.

Every two seconds, two lights light up until they all light up.

The scheme is as follows:


The route is in a loop.

This rhythm has been set up expressly to describe the stereotypical way of working inside a factory, where we see that the repetition of an action in a sounded and constantly repetitive way, everything is repeated non-stop in a loop; that is, it starts all over again always from scratch. An endless circle, always the same that leads to nothing but made only to pass the time in an aseptic way without any logic. 

The eight bars represent the eight working hours, and being sixteen indicate two working days.


Text by Pelin Zeytinci

Work day for 2, 2020

  • Antonello Enrico, Work day for 2, Variable width from 4.50 to 5 meters