Andrea Amadei studied Theoretical Philosophy with prof. Carlo Sini. He has worked for several years in the documentary world, writing and producing several films, documentaries and series in collaboration with the major international broadcasters. Then he started to get into commercial communication. After he quit his job, he created YAY.RED.


“Art has become a narrative, while in reality it is a ritual. Art is sacred. It is a dark and humid cave where the frightening miracle happens. It is a world that opens up and presents itself, the world in the figure of a man who makes the world into the figure of a thing, through figures, symbols, rhythm and dances. Art "is a protest against a world that already existed, but without which the protest could not have taken shape" (G. Bataille, Lascaux. The birth of art, Mimesis, 2007). Art that communicates is not a negation of art, but a negation of humanity; and becomes, at best, interior decoration. YAY.RED is opening a marketplace on Amazon. To regain possession of the current public space. Just as the town square was born to host the market, the trade, and then became an arena for discussion, debate, politics - “scendiamo in piazza” -, so YAY.RED wants to occupy the private but now public space of Amazon: a gallery of products, with videos and works for sale, which uses digital tools, born for commerce, for a propaganda, now sensible, of the discussion of commerce, of its absence of meaning.” YAY.RED is a real company; the company is an art work. YAY.RED is an anarcho-capitalism happening.



  • YAY.RED. MEGA UNIONE SUPREMA, 2021, Video Installation