It’s not medicine, it is placebo: it is an empathetic rescue kit, a sensibility stimulus , means to evoke recovery of the sensory contact. A kit for an emergency of physical, sensory and emotional isolation. This is an alternative remedy to the drip of images and virtuality to which we are attached to, to the contemporary relational and perceptive annihilation. Having collected the testimonies of individuals suffering from olfactory pathologies such as anosmia, parosmia and phantosmia, as well as testimonies of artists and researchers whose work revolves around the fifth sense; the curators of Curatela Placebo are composing How to make sense without you, a printed publication. The publication includes Scentytizer, a sanitizingsensitizing gel, and Under Your Smell, one or more personal care products that accompany the readings. The whole composes the kit of empathetic relief (You Keep Me) Under No Smell: a reading, meditation and sensory experience that can help us “make sense”, think and stimulate the body, relate, perceive, feel, sense.

Curatela Placebo

You Keep Me Under No Smell, 2021

  • Curatela Placebo, You Keep Me Under No Smell, 2021, limited edition kit.