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The Fair!

From October 13 to 16, the third edition of ReA! Art Fair welcomed visitors and art experts to the Ex Cisterne venue within the Fabbrica del Vapore complex, presenting an innovative curatorial project showcasing 100 artists and 170 works, including painting, sculpture, installations, digital art, performance, photography, and video.

During the opening days, ReA! Art Fair attracted a flow of 5,000 visitors, including a wide audience and more experienced collectors, achieving a sales record of 19% (with an average price of 600 euros) of the exhibited works. This year, the public program was held in person, and it received positive feedback from the audience, who had the opportunity to listen and engage with art experts on the most current market topics, such as new technologies, collecting, and curating emerging art.

The website visits and the Online Viewing Room of the exhibition, created in collaboration with Artland, reached 9,500 views, highlighting the relevance of the fair's digital version. The transparency of the displayed prices challenged the traditional contemporary art system's practices. A QR code was displayed next to each work, providing additional information about the artist and their research, and allowing direct purchase through a dedicated page.

With 50 people involved in the organization, including 12 founders, a press office (CLP Comunicazioni), 25 volunteers, and 14 technical support collaborators, the result of the third edition of ReA! Art Fair was highly successful. The organization also involved several sponsors and institutions that contributed to the project's success (Milan City Government, Fondazione Cariplo, Artsted, Artland).

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13-16 October 2022

2022 Artists


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