ReA! Art Fair draws inspiration from the concept of the Biennale - aiming to avoid solely direct relation- ships with the galleries and instead collaborating directly with emerging artists. And thus, an idea of introducing a storyline sprung; the Fair is divided into six sections that have been formed upon the completion of the selection of the 100 artists: humanity - works of artists whose practice embodies the conception; figurative - a representation, a portrayal of recognizable forms; neutral palette - focusing on the often monochromatic, naive depiction of nature - both human and the organic one; transitioning to nature - artists working with biologically-derived materials, captivated by the natural form; technology - subjects that touch on man-made objects and ideas; and lastly varied - the artworks that can’t be confined within a particular category due to their expansive subject matter. We place The Artist at the center of our focus, not only their selected works. We firmly believe that the 100 creators selected and exhibited at the Fair have tremendous potential, and immense space for growth, which ultimately were both criteria for their selection. They are all emerging artists, without extensive exhibiting experience, to whom we want to give a chance of becoming a part of the art scene. For us, the medium - whether that was painting, video art, or a performance piece had little to do with our final decisions, what was essential was the execution - if the idea that the Artist was searching to communicate, corresponded to the visual representation.
ReA! Art Fair acts as a platform, a starting point, a link between an emerging artist and the art world. The artists’ evaluation is based on guidelines that also consider the different career points - like that the Fair acts as a kick-start, ensuring steady artistic growth in their future career.
We are working towards creating a more intimate communication between the society and the emerging artists, as well as the curators. As you walk through the Fair, you might find yourself following a path, a natural flow, a connection between the artworks as an intricate storyline unfolds before your eyes. The artists haven’t been conditioned to work on a specific subject; we want to unite them so that a beautiful connection between all the art pieces and the exhibition space of Fabbrica Del Vapore will be created. The reason why we have so many types of artworks ranging from oil paintings to performing arts is because we aim to change society’s point of view about the value of art. It isn’t just about collecting or decorating your home, but rather about creating a connection with the world as a political being where you begin to own, sustain and encourage ideas.

LIMITED EDITION ReA! Art Fair Exhibition Catalogue

  • ReA! Art Fair Exhibition Catalogue, 2020, Rea Arte, Milano, 225 p.


    ISBN 978 88 94571400


    LImited edition of 50 co-signed by the curatorial team of the 2020 edition.