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ReA! Arte is a cultural association founded in 2020 by a group of young art professionals. We share the common desire to promote art and culture by supporting emerging artists and creatives through our main project - ReA! Art Fair. The objective is to guarantee independent artists’ accessibility to the sector and fair opportunities by bringing the public closer to an inclusive and transparent art market we create through the Fair. ReA! democratizes the Art Fair model, helping emerging artists take their first steps within the art market. In a market dominated by gallery activity, where art education does not prepare emerging artists for entry into the art world, they find themselves without any network to support them. We respond to their needs and act as a bridge between independent emerging artists (those without a gallery representation) - and the art world.

Furthermore, ReA! encourages a one-to-one dialogue between artists and the public. Our team supports young talents and is working towards transparency within the art world. A new exhibition / Fair model helps break down barriers with the public. We have created an innovative association that adopts a new hybrid exhibition model between international Degree Shows and Art Fairs. The curatorial approach structures the event as a single, organic exhibition that leads visitors to discover new talents through an interactive and multimedia path. There is no room for a vague and distracted view of reality in such a complex and disillusioned historical period. In their way, the artists at the Fair question their surroundings, often ironically; some deliberately bordering on kitsch, others poetically and contemplatively. Continuous references to dystopian worlds where nothing is certain and any conviction has given way to insecurity, but also distant cultures that merge with the desire to create bridges within a society that never before has sought to share and a collective struggle of ideals. The third edition of ReA! not only wants to outline the panorama of today’s emerging Art but pursues the intention of teasing the spectators’ minds with questions to which there are no predefined answers. Unexpected chaos of emotions, visions, and interpretations, singular and personal, where remaining indifferent is impossible. The curatorial selection proudly maintains a chaotic spirit, free from the usual narrative schemes, showcasing this year’s selected artists. They will go on to establish themselves in the future to give their increasingly sophisticated audience the complex image of the younger international art scene. There are no categories other than the need to overturn everything constructed by previous generations, to open up new solutions, or not to give them at all, because it is above all through imagination that we acquire perception, understanding, and hope.

LIMITED EDITION ReA! Art Fair 2022 Exhibition Catalogue

  • ReA! Art Fair Exhibition Catalogue, 2022, Rea Arte, Milano, 224 p.

    Catalogue design: Ilaria Castelli

    Cover Design: Ksenia Lyasota

    Art Direction: Pelin Zeytinci

    Catalogue Editor: Maria Myasnikova


    ISBN: 978-88-945714-2-4

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